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Well…from tomorrow my beautiful and talented wife will begin her work as an English teacher at a nearby school. The school really bagged a good one. My wife is bubbly, outgoing, interactive, loves children, loves teaching and likes to see progress in the lives of those she works with.

And that is one of the reasons I am a little apprehensive. My wife has been giving our children great education right here at  home. Our kids are still very young (Kayden 4 and Sean 1), but my wife has been teaching phonics, math, hiragana/katakana(japanese), time, arts and crafts and a lot more to our eldest. for Sean she is teaching him to draw lines (in preparation of writing letters), coloring, counting etc. She has a lot of patience and love and the kids have learned a lot with her.

Now that she will be going to work I will have to pick up some of the load of teaching the children (I was assigned to mainly giving the kids good exercise and run around time) and I’m hopping I can do as good a job as her.

I have been a teacher to children in the past so its not like its new to me and I have a hoard of younger brothers and sisters (is six considered a hoard?) which I have cared for as well in the past, but that was awhile ago. I am going to get myself familiarized with the curriculum that my wife made and will hopefully be able to add my own creative fun to the mix. I will post my activities with the kids here for my wife and you all to see. This blog is going to be a kind of log for me. (which is what a blog is, right?…a web log)

So It will begin tomorrow!

To clarify… I won’t be taking the kids all day as I still am a freelance designer. I wake up early and my wife will prepare to leave for work at around 11:00 . So in the mornings I work and then I take the kids at 11:00.

Fun fun fun! …I hope.